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Do You Suffer From Dental Anxiety? NuCalm Naturally Promotes a Calming Dental Experience

If you get scared or nervous about going to the dentist, you’re not alone. Studies estimate up to 20% of adults experience severe dental anxiety. Although it’s common, giving in to fear and allowing it to prevent you from seeking dental care is dangerous and can negatively affect your health. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are many ways to achieve some level of sedation during a dental treatment, but what if you didn’t have to experience the inconvenient side effects and down-time that most types of sedation produce?

Here at Batchelor Dentistry, our team now offers an alternative to medication to help you through dental visits. We offer NuCalm, a natural and completely drug-free relaxation method to help limit dental anxiety and encourage a calming dental experience. This proven neuroacoustic technology helps bring your body and mind to a deep state of calm in just a few minutes. You’ll feel relaxed throughout your dentist appointment.

Ready for a Relaxing Dental Visit? 
Ask for the NuCalm System During your Next Appointment

What is NuCalm?

NuCalm is a proven and safe technology that helps you relax without the use of narcotics, benzodiazepines, or other controlled substances. 

By listening to NuCalm, the system brings brain waves to a certain frequency, and the system creates a natural relaxation response in your body enabling you to feel calm and balanced throughout your dental appointment. This relaxation method causes no significant side effects and requires zero recuperative time or supervision. That means you can leave our office feeling refreshed and return to your normal daily routine without the interruption that medication-based methods of relaxation cause. 

How Does NuCalm Work?

NuCalm leverages biochemistry, neurophysiology, and physics to naturally bring your body to a pre-sleep state. NuCalm’s 4-step system helps bring your body to a deep state of relaxation.


The NuCalm 4-Step System


Apply a NuCalm Topical Cream or Chew Dietary Supplements


Place Microcurrent Stimulation Patches Behind Each Ear


Use Noise-Dampening Headphones with Neuro-Acoustic Sound Patterns


Wear a Comfortable, Light-Blocking Eye Mask


What to Expect

Since NuCalm is a completely natural, drug-free, and safe relaxation method, you can expect a purely enjoyable experience. 

The NuCalm process takes around 3 minutes to administer, and you’ll begin to feel relaxed in just 5 minutes! During your dental appointment, you’ll continue to wear the headphones and eye mask while we work, feeling relaxed throughout. 

Once your appointment is over, you’ll leave our office feeling happy and refreshed. 

Patients Who Use NuCalm Report…

  • Neuromuscular Relaxation
  • Increased Mental Sharpness
  • Enhanced Sleep Stability
  • Increased Energy Levels

“I am and was terrified to go to the dentist. It had been years since I've been and knew my visit was going to be full of bad news. However, all the ladies here were amazingly nice, helpful and made me feel super comfortable! Thank you for making this visit completely not terrifying and totally comfortable!”
— Jessie W.

NuCalm vs. Sedation Dentistry

How does NuCalm compare to sedation dentistry? While sedation dentistry does have the same goal of helping you feel calmer during your appointment, the difference comes in the methods used to achieve relaxation.

Sedation dentistry uses medication to help you relax – whether it’s inhalation sedation (through nitrous oxide), enteral sedation (with medication in a pill form), or intravenous sedation. Since sedation dentistry uses drugs to help you relax, it can have many side effects afterwards, including lightheadedness, dizziness, mental fogginess, nausea, or a hangover/jet lag feeling. With many forms of sedation you need someone to drive you to and from your dental appointment, and may need to spend the rest of the day at home recovering.

NuCalm, on the other hand, is completely natural and has no recovery time or side effects. It’s 100% natural, safe, and a great way to feel calm and relaxed during your dental appointment. You can drive yourself to and from your appointment, can return to your normal routine immediately, and may even feel better when you leave than when you arrived!


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