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My vision is to develop relationships with my patients that last a lifetime, while providing gentle, high-quality care for optimal dental health and a beautiful smile.  

– Caitlin Batchelor

Are you hoping to improve and maintain the health of your teeth and gums? Are you interested in options to help you smile with confidence? Or do you have an urgent dental problem that needs to be addressed? Whatever your needs, Harrisonburg dentist Dr. Batchelor can provide you and your family experienced care with a gentle touch.

Whether your concerns are large or small, routine or complex, our team takes the time to listen to you to create a personalized plan for your care. With the latest technology and our attention to detail, you will receive high quality, state-of-the-art care designed to address your individual needs. And with a focus on your overall health as well as your dental health, you can be sure you are receiving thoughtful, comprehensive recommendations that takes into account everything that makes you unique.

We are pleased to offer our patients the following services in a friendly, comfortable environment:

Cosmetic Dental Services

Our cosmetic services, such as teeth whitening and porcelain veneers, crowns, and bridges, leave you feeling more confident and proud of your smile. With our strong, long-lasting yet natural-looking, metal-free restorations, both the natural beauty and the health of your teeth will be restored. No one will even know you have had a filling.

In a hurry? We also offer same-day crowns for your convenience.

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Emergency Dental Care

If you have a painful or broken tooth, we know you don’t want to wait to see the dentist. We use natural-looking bonded restorations or same-day crowns to fix your chipped, cracked, or broken tooth. If the situation calls for it, we provide root canal therapy and dental extractions as well.

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Our treatment options for replacing missing teeth ensure your mouth is as healthy and functional as it is bright and beautiful. We offer a full range of services to restore your ability to chew and smile, from dental implants and porcelain bridges to full or partial dentures.

Click here to learn more about our dental restoration services.

Cleaning and Prevention

Routine dental care will help your smile last a lifetime and prevent dental disasters down the road. That’s why we love to see patients for preventative and therapeutic cleaning and hygiene services. Our comprehensive approach includes oral cancer screening and fluoride therapy targeted to help prevent cavities in our higher risk patients.

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Advanced Dental Technology

Our commitment to outstanding, comprehensive care that addresses all of our patients’ needs drives our team to embrace the latest technology and treatments. Seeing is believing, so at Batchelor Dentistry, we use advanced digital and 3D imaging for accurate diagnosis of your condition, detailed treatment planning, and outstanding patient education.

And if you suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding), snoring, or sleep apnea, Batchelor Dentistry can help. Our mouth guards, night guards, snoring appliances, and sleep apnea appliances will put you on your way to a better night’s rest. For individuals who are avoiding dental care due to fear and anxiety, we offer sedation options to help take the edge off your visits.

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Who we treat: Adults. Children. Seniors. Individuals with special needs. Fearful individuals. In short, we treat the whole family! 

Will paying interest-free over time help you afford the care you need? We offer financing options with Care Credit.

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