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How Do I Know My Dentist Is Right For Me?


As the connection between dental health and overall wellness becomes clearer and clearer, the importance of working with the right dentist for you becomes more and more important. In today’s post, we’ll talk about how to find the right dentist for you and much more.

Does your dentist listen to you?

When you visit the dentist, who’s doing most of the listening: you or your dentist? During your appointment, the right dentist will always set aside time to talk with you. That’s the important part. Be wary of any dentist who talks at you.

Your dentist should be asking questions about your health and taking your answers into account when creating a treatment plan. When you work with a dentist who listens to how you’re feeling, your health needs, and your smile goals, you’ll be more comfortable and feel empowered when it comes to your dental health.

What treatments does your dentist recommend?

With the dental technology available today, there are many more treatment options than ever before. For example, consider root canals. Once upon a time there was only one way to complete a root canal — a gold crown. Today, there are many options with different benefits, including:

  • Root canal and same day crown

  • Root canal and gold crown

  • Root canal and porcelain crown

  • Dental implant and crown or bridge

  • Root canal and composite filling

No treatment option is ever perfect. There are always trade offs in terms of durability, cost, healing time, and results. The right dentist will have different options available and will work with you to find the best outcome for you.

Is your dentist high tech?

Many people don’t realize this, but the advancement of dental technology is absolutely staggering. There are things we’re doing at Batchelor Dentistry that would’ve sounded like science fiction just 25 years ago.

A good example are same day crowns. In the past, a crown took multiple appointments, a gross gloopy impression, and a temporary crown. Now with CEREC technology, we can take a digital image of your tooth with no impression and fabricate the finished crown in minutes right in our office. You’ll get a durable, beautiful crown in a fraction of the time it used to take!

If your dentist isn’t investing in dental technology, how can you be sure you’re getting the best possible care? Ask your dentist about how they use technology in their practice. You might be surprised by the answer you get.

Does your dentist understand your health?


Your dentist should get to know your health beyond your teeth and gums. Recent research shows the connection between dental health and heart attacks, diabetes, and other conditions and illnesses. If your dentist doesn’t ask about your health history they won’t be able to provide you with the best care available.

Does your dentist have good reviews?

Before you see a new dentist, do you do your research? Do you check their online reviews on:

Online reviews definitely aren’t perfect, but trends or patterns can give you a good idea if you’re in good hands!

If you have questions about something you saw in a review, don’t be afraid to ask your dentist. Be aware however that privacy laws may prevent your dentist from answering questions about a specific patient’s experience.

Does your dentist fit your lifestyle?

Do you work long hours? Have kids? You might benefit from finding a dentist who can see patients on short notice or one who has evening and/or weekend hours. The more flexible your dentist is the more likely they’ll be available when you need them.

This can also be important in cases of unexpected dental emergencies.

Will your dentist grow with you?

As we get older our dental health and whole body health needs change. You may eventually need an implant to replace a damaged tooth or treatment for gum disease caused by genetics and aging. Look for a dentist who understands these changes and who will be able to offer treatment options you need to look and feel your best for years to come.

How does your dentist deal with dental anxiety?


Almost everyone gets a little nervous before going to the dentist — it’s completely natural. But some people suffer from more intense dental anxiety or dental phobia. These feelings can even keep people from visiting the dentist altogether.

If you suffer from any amount of dental anxiety, look for a dentist who offers sedation dentistry options like laughing gas or oral sedation. In addition to sedation dentistry, a great dentist will take the time to explain procedures and help you understand what to expect. This can help you feel relaxed and at-ease all by itself.

Here at Batchelor Dentistry, we offer NuCalm — the most effective way we’ve found to help our patients relax. You’ll love it.

Is your dentist friendly?


Forget the old stereotype of a curmudgeonly dentist. Your dentist should be warm, friendly, and caring. The more personable your dentist is, the more comfortable you’ll be. You’ll feel more comfortable in the care you’re getting and more confident that you’re in good hands.

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